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                Company Profile

                Tangshan Kailuan Carbon Chemical Co., Ltd.







                Tangshan Kailuan Carbon Chemical Co., Ltd. (TKCC in short) was previously called Tangshan Koppers Kailuan Carbon Chemical Co., Ltd., jointly established by Kailuan Energy Chemical Co., Ltd., Koppers Mauritius and Hebei Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (HBIS). TKCC was a joint venture registered in Nov. 2007. Tangshan Kailuan Carbon Chemical Co., Ltd. was approved to be established by Tangshan Industrial and Commercial Administration Authority on Jan. 16, 2017. TKCC’s registered capital is RMB129,044,700 with KEC’s equity of RMB104,526,207 and HBIS’s equity of RMB24,518,493, sharing 81% and 19% of the total registered capital respectively.

                TKCC is engaged in coal tar processing business, its designed production capacity is processing 300,000 ton crude coal tar annually, selling products such as coal pitch, anthracene oil, carbon black feedstock,wash oil, naphthalene, phenol oil, and neutral sodium phenolate, which are sold abroad to over 30 nations and regions.

                This project is one of the key projects in Kailuan coal chemical industrial park of Jingtang Port. Following the development requirements of “integrated planning, stage construction, leading technology and green circular”, the main tar processing units such as tar distillation, fraction scrubbing, naphthalene distillation and pencil pitch are fully Koppers’ technical know-how, of which the technology is international leading, energy saving and environment friendly with premium product quality, low energy and materials consumption. This project has laid a solid foundation to further help develop Kailuan coal chemical processing industry chain and extend fine chemical industry.

                Equipped with a capable, efficient, progressing team with integrity and in the light of work style of continuous innovation and improvement, TKCC inherits the philosophy of “safety first, mutual respect, advocating virtue, customer first”, taking “To be the most valued supplier of quality products and services in the industries we serve, by providing unsurpassed personal attention to our customers and attaining total quality in everything we do” as its own mission, striving to develop into a world-class enterprise internationally.


                About Us

                傳真: 0315-2917702(銷售) 2917776(原料) 2917707(行政)
                Email:tkcc@tkcc-cn.com (公共)wangqinze@tkcc-cn.com(王勤澤)

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